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His current research interests are GPS receiver technology and advanced signal processing in the application of HS-GPS. Dr. Gérard Lachapelle holds a CRC/iCORE chair in Wireless Location. He has been involved with GPS developments and applications since 1980 and has authored/co-authored numerous related publications and software. More information is(More)
—Conventional image matching methods hardly consider the location relationships between matching points, reducing the reliability and accuracy of matching results. A novel matching mode based on SIFT (scale-invariant feature transform) keypoints and multi-subregions information is proposed in this paper. The new strategy breaks the isolation between(More)
The performance of existing approaches to the recovery of frequency-sparse signals from compressed measurements is limited by the coherence of required sparsity dictionaries and the discretization of frequency parameter space. In this paper , we adopt a parametric joint recovery-estimation method based on model selection in spectral compressive sensing.(More)