Wenxian Lin

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In this paper, the scalings incorporating the Prandtl number (Pr) dependence have been obtained by a scaling analysis for the unsteady natural convection boundary layer of an initially quiescent isothermal Newtonian fluid of Pr>1 produced by the sudden imposition of a higher temperature on a vertical plate. It is shown that the transient flow behavior of(More)
INTRODUCTION: Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is capable of non-invasively measuring water diffusion in vivo. While DTI has been widely em delineate potential white matter abnormality in different neurological diseases, registration of diffusion tensor images across different subjects i prerequisite for detailed statistical analysis on voxel-by-voxel basis.(More)
It is of fundamental significance, especially with regard to application, to fully understand the flow behavior of unsteady natural convection boundary layers on a vertical plate heated by a time-dependent heat flux. Such an understanding is currently scarce. In this paper, the scaling analysis by Lin et al. [Phys. Rev. E 79, 066313 (2009)] using a simple(More)
The flow behavior associated with cooling an initially quiescent isothermal Newtonian fluid with Prandtl number (Pr) less than one in a vertical cylinder by unsteady natural convection with an imposed lower temperature on vertical sidewalls is investigated by scaling analysis and direct numerical simulation. The flow is dominated by three distinct stages of(More)
Recent studies have used scaling analysis to obtain simple power-law relations that accurately predict the Prandtl (Pr) number dependency of natural-convection boundary layers subjected to both isothermal and ramped heating conditions, when Pr>1. The analysis used in those studies cannot be extended to Pr<1 fluids, and it is not clear at present whether(More)
Fig. 3. The average atlas method results in premature termination of the forceps minor. The proposed method gives a more complete reconstruction of the bundle. Fig. 1. Orientations estimated based on the average atlas method and the proposed method. The proposed method preserves more fiber crossing and estimates the orientations with higher accuracy.(More)
In this study, the long-term behavior of cooling an initially quiescent isothermal Newtonian fluid in a rectangular container with an infinite length by unsteady natural convection due to a fixed wall temperature has been investigated by scaling analysis and direct numerical simulation. Two specific cases are considered. Case 1 assumes that the cooling of(More)
The subregion solution of multipole theory(MT) is presented as a new approach for the analysis of propagation characteristics of a ridge waveguide family. The complicated field domain not satisfying the MT series expansion condition is treated as a combination of several simple field regions satisfying the MT series expansion condition, and the solution of(More)
The behavior of weak axisymmetric and plane fountains resulting from the injection of denser fluid upwards into large containers containing a stably stratified fluid has been explored using dimensional analysis, scaling analysis, and direct numerical simulation. For weak fountains, with Froude number Fr approximately 1.0, dimensional and scaling analyses(More)
The transient behavior of the natural convection boundary-layer flow adjacent to a vertical plate heated with a uniform flux in a quiescent homogeneous ambient fluid with Prandtl number Pr<1 is investigated by scaling analysis and direct numerical simulation (DNS). The flow is characterized by a startup stage, a short transitional stage and a steady state.(More)
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