Wenxian Jin

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In order to reduce the severe venous toxicity, we developed an intravenous lipid emulsion of vinorelbine and investigated its preclinical stability, toxicity and antitumor efficacy. Vinorelbine-phospholipid complex was prepared to enhance the lipophilicity of vinorelbine thus facilitating the encapsulation into lipid emulsion. After complexation more than(More)
Inspecting rail-wear status is critical to guarantee high-speed running safety, proper maintenance schedule, and low operating costs. A dynamic inspecting system based on machine vision is presented using near-infrared laser line projector, CCD (Charged Coupled Device) camera and image processing technology for detection of rail wear parameters. The design(More)
Recently, the frame fusion based video copy detection scheme provides a possibility to detect copies in a continuous query video stream. However, its computational complexity is high since a large amount of returned reference frames need to be handled by some reference clip reconstruction methods. In addition, dense frame sampling strategies generally used(More)
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