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We analyze the dynamic properties of a neural network model for on-off spiking neurons recorded in the first optic chiasm of the fly visual system. The model consists of two parallel pathways and three sequential processing stages. The first stage models photoreceptors. At the second stage, the signal is segregated into on- and off-pathways. These pathways(More)
Chitosan is one of the most abundant carbohydrate biopolymers in the world, and chitosan oligosaccharide (COS), which is prepared from chitosan, is a plant immunity regulator. The present study aimed to validate the effect of COS on inducing resistance to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) in Arabidopsis and to investigate the potential defence-related signalling(More)
A novel complete area coverage algorithm is presented for autonomous vacuuming robots working in completely unknown indoor environments. The algorithm works by segments the environment into smaller regions. Each smaller region is covered in zigzag pattern. A topological world map based on natural landmarks, such as wall corners and edges, is built(More)
Intracellular application of certain charged methanethiosulfonate (MTS) reagents modified and irreversibly inhibited Kir6.2 channels when cysteine substitutions were introduced at positions Ile-210, Ile-211, or Ser-212 within the putative cytoplasmic region. Inhibition depends on the spatial dimensions of the MTS reagents. Reaction of MTS reagents, having(More)
An enclosure experiment was conducted in July–September 2001 in subtropical eutrophic Lake Donghu (China) to test a hypothesis that a moderate cyanobacterial biomass would have a positive effect on small-sized cladocerans. Eight enclosures (12.5 m3) were arranged with different nutrient concentrations using the lake water, tap water, and sediment from Lake(More)
BACKGROUND The MK1 strain, a novel bacterial isolate from soft-rotten tissue of the Neungee mushroom, produces copious amounts of exopolysaccharide (EPS) in a dextrose minimal medium. This study examined the molecular characteristics and immunomodulatory activity of MK1 EPS. METHODS The EPS in the culture supernatant was purified by cold ethanol(More)
BACKGROUND Fluorescent molecular tomography (FMT) aims at reconstructing the spatial map of optical and fluorescence parameters from fluence measurements. Basically, solving large-scale matrix equations is computationally expensive for image reconstruction of FMT. Despite the reconstruction quality can be improved with more sources, it may result in higher(More)
This article introduced the traditional genetic algorithm and quantum genetic algorithm at first. On the basis of the two algorithms, an improved genetic algorithm is proposed to handle array beam forming optimization problems. The results of simulation show that the improved genetic algorithm is effective and satisfactory in resolving the problem of beam(More)
  • Wenxia Wang
  • 2010
Embedding watermark to audio signal has two affections, if the embedded signal is too light, it can't be extracted, if the embedded signal is to heavy, it's easy to feel the distortion. A new average quantized watermark is realized, firstly, watermark signal is scrambled by Arnold transform, secondly, audio signal blocked N blocks and analyzed by discrete(More)
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