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Doppler aliasing free micro-motion parameter estimation algorithm based on the spliced time-frequency image and inverse Radon transform
Micro-Doppler is induced by the micromotion of target and serves as an important characteristic for target recognition once extracted via parameter estimation, but it is generally too significant to
A robust real-time indoor navigation technique based on GPU-accelerated feature matching
This article proposes a SIFT acceleration strategy based on graphics processing unit (GPU) and proves that such approach can improve the computing efficiency and reduce the chances of mismatches for real-time indoor navigation.
Road Extraction from High-Resolution SAR Images via Automatic Local Detecting and Human-Guided Global Tracking
Because of existence of various kinds of disturbances, layover effects, and shadowing, it is difficult to extract road from high-resolution SAR images. A new road center-point searching method is
An improved parameter estimation scheme of the G 0 distribution is proposed, which combines the classical moment estimation with the mellin transform and adopts the Kullback- Leibler distance, Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and Mean Square Error as similarity measurements.
Adaptive beamforming algorithm for interference suppression based on partition PSO
A novel adaptive beamforming algorithm for interference suppression based on Partition particle swarm optimization (PPSO) that performs better than the traditional schemes both in convergence speed and the capability of avoiding local optima, and it is much more suitable for parallel realization.
Research on imaging of precession targets based on range-instantaneous Doppler in the terahertz band
In this paper, a 0.32 THz imaging radar system was built and experiment on a precession warhead model is presented. The imaging algorithm based on range-instantaneous Doppler algorithm is adopted and
GPU-accelerated main road extraction in Polarimetric SAR images based on MRF
The experiments have proved that such a GPU-accelerated approach can improve the computing efficiency, and the effectiveness is demonstrated by using the airborne PolSAR image acquired over the Oberpfaffenhofen area in Germany.
Multi-look HRR-ATR based on joint sparse representation
A novel high range resolution (HRR) based multi-look automatic target recognition (ATR) method using the scattering center model established offline is used to reduce the data amount that needed in template construction, which makes the method efficient.
Improved wire-guided basket for intrahepatic stone extraction in a patient after pancreatoduodenectomy.
The removal of the common hepatic duct stones followed the ERCP sequence: intubation to the afferent limb, biliary cannulation, balloon dilation of the distal bile duct, and balloon-assisted stone extraction.