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Mining frequent patterns, including mining frequent closed patterns or maximal patterns, is a fundamental and important problem in data mining area. Many algorithms adopt the pattern growth approach, which is shown to be superior to the candidate generate-and-test approach, especially when long patterns exist in the datasets. In this paper, we identify the(More)
Extensive efforts have been devoted to developing efficient algorithms for mining frequent patterns. However, frequent pattern mining remains a time-consuming process, especially for very large datasets. It is therefore desirable to adopt a "mining once and using many times" strategy. Unfortunately, there has been little work reported on managing and(More)
In this paper, we present an online citation entry clustering system based on three-tier clustering. The objective is to further process search results returned by bibliography databases and present to the user with more accurate results. By our approach, a user first issues an author name query and it is passed to a data source chosen by the user. We then(More)
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