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We have demonstrated suppression and elimination of self-pulsing in a watt-level, dual-clad, ytterbium-doped fiber laser. The addition of a long section of passive fiber in the laser cavity makes the gain recovery faster than the self-pulsation dynamics, allowing only stable cw lasing. This scheme provides a simple and practical method for eliminating(More)
The confined interaction is important to understand the melting and crystallization of polymers within single-wall carbon tube (SWNT). However, it is difficult for us to observe this interaction. In the current work, the structures and behaviors of melting and crystallization for polyethylene (PE) clusters confined in armchair single-walled carbon nanotubes(More)
Using a short linear cavity composed of a section of highly ytterbium-doped fiber surrounded by two fiber Bragg gratings, dual-frequency switching is achieved by tuning the pump power of the laser. The dual-frequency switching is generated by the thermal effects of the absorbed pump in the ytterbium-doped fiber. At each frequency, the laser shows(More)
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