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We have derived a parameterization consisting of a set of analytical expressions that approximate the predictions by the CIT Urban Airshed Model for the net export to the environment (i.e., effective emissions) of several chemical species, as functions of fourteen input parameters. For each species, effective emissions are a function of actual urban(More)
Nannocystin A is a 21-membered cyclodepsipeptide showing remarkable anticancer properties. Described is the total synthesis of nannocystin A, which features an asymmetric vinylogous Mukaiyama aldol reaction for efficient assembly of the penultimate open-chain precursor and a pivotal intramolecular Heck cross-coupling for the final macrocyclization.
This thesis addresses the role of aerosols in the troposphere from three perspectives: (1) the radiative forcing by aerosols; (2) responses of meteorological and chemical fields to the aerosol radiative forcing; (3) uncertainty analysis of the radiative forcing by anthropogenic sulfate aerosols. The sensitivity of the direct radiative forcing by(More)
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