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The arbitrary control of the polarization states of light has attracted the interest of the scientific community because of the wide range of modern optical applications that such control can afford. However, conventional polarization control setups are bulky and very often operate only within a narrow wavelength range, thereby resisting optical system(More)
We study traffic dynamics and propose a new routing strategy based on the local topological information in scale-free network. According to the new routing strategy with a single tunable parameter, a packet is delivered to next node with probabilities that depend not only on the degrees of the next node but also the estimated waiting time at the new node.(More)
Optical metasurfaces consisting of single-layer nanostructures have immensely promising applications in wavefront control because they can be used to arbitrarily manipulate wave phase, and polarization. However, anomalous refraction and reflection waves have not yet been simultaneously and asymmetrically generated, and the limited efficiency and bandwidth(More)
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