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An increase in the incidence of aneuploidy is well documented with increasing maternal age, in particular in human females. Remarkably, little is known regarding the underlying molecular basis for the age-associated increase in aneuploidy, which is a major source of decreased fertility in humans. Using mouse as a model system we find that eggs obtained from(More)
The tree-like architecture of the mammary gland is generated by branching morphogenesis, which is regulated by many signals from the microenvironment. Here we examined how signaling downstream of phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) regulates different steps of mammary branching using three-dimensional culture models of the mammary epithelial duct. We found(More)
In view of current unprogressive situation of factory breeding in aquaculture, this article designed a standardized, informationized and intelligentized aquaculture system, proposed a information fusion architecture based on multi-agent in greenhouse wireless sensor network (GWSN), and researched mainly the structural characteristic of the four-classed(More)
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