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Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) comprise a range of disorders that share a core of neurobehavioural deficits characterized by widespread abnormalities in social interactions, deficits in communication as well as restricted interests and repetitive behaviours. The neurological basis and circuitry mechanisms underlying these abnormal behaviours are poorly(More)
Entity linking refers entity mentions in a document to their representations in a knowledge base (KB). In this paper, we propose to use additional information sources from Wikipedia to find more name variations for entity linking task. In addition, as manually creating a training corpus for entity linking is labor-intensive and costly, we present a novel(More)
Syntactic knowledge is important for discourse relation recognition. Yet only heu-ristically selected flat paths and 2-level production rules have been used to incorporate such information so far. In this paper we propose using tree kernel based approach to automatically mine the syntactic information from the parse trees for discourse analysis, applying(More)
Cloud computing promises customers the on-demand ability to dynamically provision virtualization resources in face of workload variations. Most existing scaling approaches addressed this problem by allocating application to a certain amount of cloud resources. However, the problem of the availability of application influenced by VM-based physical locations(More)
This paper describes our system used in the Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis Task 4 at the SemEval-2014. Our system consists of two components to address two of the subtasks respectively: a Conditional Random Field (CRF) based classifier for Aspect Term Extraction (ATE) and a linear classifier for Aspect Term Polarity Classification (ATP). For the ATE(More)
In this paper, the effects of refuges used by prey on a predator-prey interaction with a class of functional responses are studied by using the analytical approach. The refuges are considered as two types: a constant proportion of prey and a fixed number of prey using refuges. We will evaluate the effects with regard to the local stability of the interior(More)
The ability to chronically monitor neuronal activity in the living brain is essential for understanding the organization and function of the nervous system. The genetically encoded green fluorescent protein-based calcium sensor GCaMP provides a powerful tool for detecting calcium transients in neuronal somata, processes, and synapses that are triggered by(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate cMET (mesenchymal-epithelial transition factor gene) and phospho-cMET (p-cMET) levels in breast cancer subtypes and its impact on survival outcomes. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We measured protein levels of cMET and p-cMET in 257 breast cancers using reverse phase protein array. Regression tree method and Martingale residual plots were applied(More)
While sharded NoSQL stores offer high availability, reconfiguration operations present a major pain point in deployments today. For instance, in order to change a configuration setting such as the shard (or primary) key of a database table, the prevalent solutions entail shutting down the database, exporting and re-importing the table, and restarting the(More)