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Hadoop+: Modeling and Evaluating the Heterogeneity for MapReduce Applications in Heterogeneous Clusters
This paper proposes a heterogeneity model to predict the shared resource contention between the simultaneously running tasks of a MapReduce application when heterogeneous computing resources (e.g. CPUs and GPUs) are allocated. Expand
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Comparison of three soil-like substrate production techniques for a bioregenerative life support system
It is very important to recycle the inedible biomass of higher plants to improve the closure of bioregenerative life support system (BLSS). Processing candidate higher plant residues into theExpand
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Construction of multiple enzyme metal–organic frameworks biocatalyst via DNA scaffold: A promising strategy for enzyme encapsulation
Abstract The encapsulated enzyme system by metal–organic frameworks exhibited great potential in pharmaceuticals, enzyme fuel cells, and biocatalysis. However, the enzymatic activity and overallExpand
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Engineering Microvascular Networks in LED Light-cured Cell-Laden Hydrogels
The success of tissue engineering inevitably depends on the fabrication of tissue constructs that can be vascularized and that anastomose with the host vasculature. In this report we studied theExpand
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A genetically encoded ratiometric calcium sensor enables quantitative measurement of the local calcium microdomain in the endoplasmic reticulum
The local Ca2+ release from the heterogeneously distributed endoplasmic reticulum (ER) calcium store has a critical role in calcium homeostasis and cellular function. However, single fluorescentExpand
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SWAP: Parallelization through Algorithm Substitution
By explicitly indicating which algorithms they use and encapsulating these algorithms within software components, programmers make it possible for an algorithm-aware compiler to replace their original algorithm implementations with compatible parallel implementations, or with the parallel implementations of compatible algorithms, using the so-called specification compatibility graph (SCG). Expand
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Research and Implementation of the Modernized GPS Signal L2C and L5
  • Wenting He, Q. Zhao
  • Computer Science
  • Second International Conference on Computer and…
  • 28 December 2009
Modern global positioning system (GPS) signals L2C and L5 have a new developmental prospect, although GPS was originally conceived for use by the military in their missions, it has become an important utility for a number of civil and commercial applications. Expand
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A selective replication-based approach to load rebalance for VOD cluster
We propose a selective replication-based approach, which is based on cooperative cache partitioning, to replicate N number of hottest videos across VOD servers to further rebalance the loads on the cluster and reduce request rejection rate. Expand
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By Explicitly Indicating Which Algorithms They Use and Encapsulating These Algorithms within Software Components, Programmers Make It Possible for an Algorithm-aware Compiler to Replace Their
......Automatic compiler-based parallelization isn’t yet mature enough to tackle a broad range of programs, despite significant recent advances, so parallelization is still likely to involve theExpand