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Apparent amylose content (AAC) is a key determinant of eating and cooking quality in rice and it is mainly controlled by the Wx gene which encodes a granule-bound starch synthase (GBSS). In this study, sixteen single-segment substitution lines harboring the Wx gene from 16 different donors and their recipient HJX74 were used to detect the naturally(More)
We designed and fabricated a novel microfluidic device that can be operated through simple finger squeezing. On-chip microfluidic flow control is enabled through an optimized network of check-valves and squeeze-pumps. The sophisticated flow system can be easily constructed by combining a few key elements. We implemented this device to perform quantitative(More)
Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) has provided a non-invasive means for field root investigation. However, the horizontal cross angle (x) of root orientation intersecting a survey line considerably impacts the amplitude area (A) reflected from a root and impairs the accuracy of GPR-based root quantification. Prediction of A(90°) (the value of A scanning at x =(More)
The accurate prediction of protein-ligand binding is of great importance for rational drug design. We present herein a novel docking algorithm called as FIPSDock, which implements a variant of the Fully Informed Particle Swarm (FIPS) optimization method and adopts the newly developed energy function of AutoDock 4.20 suite for solving flexible protein-ligand(More)
This paper investigates the multiuser multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) linear cooperative spectrum sensing optimization problem, in which the primary user (PU) and the cognitive radio (CR) are equipped with multiple antennas. By optimizing the different weights assigned on the received signals of CRs, the cooperative spectrum sensing optimization aims(More)
The main task of granular computing (GrC) is about representing, constructing, and processing information granules. Information granules are formalized in many different approaches. Different formal approaches emphasize the same fundamental facet in different ways. In this paper, we propose a novel GrC method of machine learning by using formal concept(More)