Wentao Gu

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—Emphasis and question are two factors that have significant effects on 0 contours for various languages, among which tone languages require more careful study because their 0 contours show complex interaction between lexical tones and sentence intonation. This paper employs the command–response model for the process of 0 contour generation to investigate(More)
This paper discusses a methodology using a minimal set of sentences to adapt an existing TTS duration model to capture inter-speaker variations. The assumption is that the original duration database contains information of both language-specific and speaker-specific duration characteristics. In training a duration model for a new speaker, only the(More)
As a major Chinese dialect, Cantonese is well known for its complex tone system. This paper applies the command-response model to represent the F 0 contours of Cantonese speech. Analysis-by-Synthesis is conducted on both utterances of carrier sentences and utterances with less constrained structures, from which a set of appropriate tone command patterns is(More)
Cantonese is a well-known Chinese dialect with a quite complex tone system. We have successfully applied the command-response model to represent F 0 contours of Cantonese speech by defining a set of appropriate tone command patterns. It provides an efficient means to describe Cantonese F 0 contours with high accuracy. In this paper, both qualitative and(More)