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Emphasis and question are two factors that have significant effects on F<sub>0</sub> contours for various languages, among which tone languages require more careful study because their F<sub>0</sub> contours show complex interaction between lexical tones and sentence intonation. This paper employs the command-response model for the process of F<sub>0</sub>(More)
As a major Chinese dialect, Cantonese is well known for its complex tone system. This paper applies the commandresponse model to represent the F0 contours of Cantonese speech. Analysis-by-Synthesis is conducted on both utterances of carrier sentences and utterances with less constrained structures, from which a set of appropriate tone command patterns is(More)
The effects of focus on F0 contours and syllable durations of spoken Cantonese are investigated through a controlled experiment involving all the disyllabic tone pairs. Regardless of the tones, syllable durations in the vicinity of the on-focus syllable are lengthened in systematically varying rates. For F0 pattern, two approaches are compared: analysis of(More)
As one of the major Chinese dialects, Cantonese has a tone system consisting of nine lexical tones and three additional changed tones, which is considerably more complex than that of Mandarin. The most important acoustic feature characterizing these tones is the contour of the voice fundamental frequency (the F(0) contour). In this article we present an(More)
This paper first presents the physiological and physical properties of the vocal fold and the laryngeal structure involving intrinsic laryngeal muscles that are mainly responsible for the generation of F0 contours with global components and positive local components. It then takes up the mechanism involving extrinsic laryngeal muscles for generating(More)
Scatterplots are widely used to visualize scatter dataset for exploring outliers, clusters, local trends, and correlations. Depicting multi-class scattered points within a single scatterplot view, however, may suffer from heavy overdraw, making it inefficient for data analysis. This paper presents a new visual abstraction scheme that employs a hierarchical(More)
After differentiating attitudes from emotions, the present work investigates prosodic manifestations and perceptual attributes of Mandarin utterances conveying various attitudes. A speech corpus was designed to incorporate five classes of attitudes: friendly/hostile, polite/rude, serious/joking, praising/blaming, and confident/uncertain. Perceptual(More)
Word emphasis and question intonation have significant effects on F0 contours for various languages. This paper employs the command-response F0 model to investigate the effects of the two factors for Cantonese, a typical tone language with nine tones. Analysis shows that the main effect of word emphasis associated with narrow focus is not on tone command(More)