Wentao Gong

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Access control is one of the key technologies used in Web services, which can make sure the security of web services. The traditional access control models such as mandatory access control couldn't make the access control flexible and enable due to their design limitations, and then the access process of authorization in web services becomes fuzzy. Usage(More)
With the development of Web services, users become more and more eager for the sharing of services. As a result, it becomes very important to evaluate and calculate threshold value for trust degree of services. Although there are already several trust management mechanisms and evaluation models for web services, they perform not so well more or less in(More)
In order to avoid free-rider behaviors and reduce the service requesters’ malicious accesses in Web services, a kind of trust management based on feedback and time decay in Web Services is presented in this paper. According to the service providers’ feedback, honest accesses will be rewarded while dishonest ones will get punishment by such mechanism, which(More)
In recent years, the security threats imposed by email-based malware, modeling the propagation analysis and prevention of email malware becomes a fundamental technique for predicting its potential damages and developing effective countermeasures. Compared to earlier versions of mail malware, modern email malware exhibits two new features. One is reinfection(More)
With the rapid development of web services and the needs of requesters in sharing the resources, different access control domains have to choose different access control models whose diversity may cause that cross-domain access among different domains can not be carried out smoothly. In order to solve this problem, Cross-domain Usage Control Model(More)
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