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Glaciochemistry can provide important information about climatic change and environmental conditions, as well as for testing regional and global atmospheric trace transport models. In this study, δ18O and selected chemical constituents records in snowpits collected from eight glaciers in the Tibetan Plateau and adjacent areas have been investigated. Drawing(More)
An evaluation of glacial meltwater chemistry is needed under recent dramatic glacier melting when water resources might be significantly impacted. This study investigated trace elements variation in the meltwater stream, and its related aquatic environmental information, at the Laohugou (LHG) glacier basin (4260 m a.s.l.) at a remote location in northeast(More)
Performance of implicit training and implicit pilot is compared in detail in 112-Gb/s 16QAM coherent optical system by simulation. Q factor performance after 18 spans of SSMF transmission results in proper size of implicit training and pilot. Simulation results demonstrate that implicit pilot based channel estimation outperforms implicit training based(More)
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