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—In this paper we propose a quantitative approach to analyze the impact of heterogeneous blocks (H-blocks) on the FPGA placement quality. The basic idea is to construct synthetic heterogeneous placement benchmarks with known optimal wire-length to facilitate the quantitative analysis. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work that enables the(More)
X-ray computed tomography is an important technique for clinical diagnose and nondestructive testing. In many applications a number of image processing steps are needed before the image information becomes useful. Image segmentation is one of such processing steps and has important applications. The conventional flow is to first reconstruct the image and(More)
The conventional approach of computed tomography (CT) is to solve each image processing task individually in sequence. An obvious drawback is that the measured data is only used once at the first step, and the possible errors, from noises in the measured data, inappropriate modeling, or inappropriate parameters, are not easy to be corrected and will be(More)
This paper aim to the practical problems of the wireless infrared temperature measuring system, have introduced a method of information acquisition which adopts the infrared temperature sensors, and have recommended the RS error correcting code algorithm in wireless data transmission. So the accuracy of data transmission has been improved. It has been(More)
Due to the continuous scaling of integration density and the increasing diversity of customized designs, there are increasing demands on the scalability and the customization of EDA tools and flows. Commercial EDA tools usually provide an interface of TCL scripting to extract and modify the design information for a flexible design flow. However, we observe(More)
According to the characteristics that the signal of torque sensor both have electromagnetic noise of engine and impact signal of road surface, by changing thresholding on the different scales, we present an algorithm that wavelet transform coefficients of noise are filtered and impact signal of road surface are reserved, and reconstruct the torque signal in(More)
Metal-mediated interlocking rings won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The metal-directed interlocking rings in macromolecular systems (e.g., proteins) may be similar to the form of Maxwell's electromagnetic waves; the metal ions may shuttle among the rings in the special environment. To verify this hypothesis, we designed a general approach to synthesize(More)
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