Wensheng Yin

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The more knowledge the expert system possesses, the more competent the system becomes. However the possibility of the occurrence of knowledge conflicts will become greater, and the efficiency of inference will become lower at the same time, which restricts capacity of the knowledge system. The problem oriented analysis and decision expert system(POADES)(More)
this paper proposes a weighted k-means clustering algorithm based on k-means (MacQueen, 1967; Anderberg, 1973) algorithm, and it can be used to cluster texts. Firstly, the weighted k-means algorithm changes the descriptive approach of text objects, and converts the categorical attributes to numeric ones to measure the dissimilarity of text objects by(More)
The design of dictionary index structure is the base of Chinese information processing and its properties will influence the effect of Chinese word segmentation greatly. In this paper, a Hash table is firstly established for all commonly-used characters, so that all characters in each word could be found quickly; then for each character, the number of word(More)
The purpose of this paper is to discuss a class of stochastic differential equations with delay driven by G-Brownian motion (G-SDDEs, in short). The asymptotical boundedness and exponential stability of the equations are obtained by means of G-Lyapunov function. An example is proposed to illustrate the theory obtained.
  • Wensheng Yin
  • 2009 International Conference on Information…
  • 2009
The knowledge itself is usually supposed to be uncertain when we solve the uncertain problems, so we always use reliability to represent the uncertainty of knowledge. Because the computation of reliability depends on subjective estimation of people and the consistency of knowledge system, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy and is easy to produce the(More)
Identification and control of an air bearing linear stage driven by a voice coil motor are considered. The load of the stage is more than 5 kg, and the model has to include the mode of mechanism for high bandwidth and high precision motion control. Identification based on normalized coprime factors is introduced for this purpose. A precise model with high(More)
The research in the present paper focuses on decoupling the six-degrees-of-freedom motions of a magnetically levitated stage with moving coils and controlling the levitation motion. The decoupling is based on commutation of coil array, which is obtained reversely from the electromagnetic force/torque model of the stage. The control of levitation motion is(More)