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Because hand is often used for grasping, developing a design of prosthetic hands, particularly light and compact underactuated anthropomorphic transradial prostheses for reproducing human hand complex grasping is crucial for upper-limb amputees. Obviously, the less the number of actuators is, the worse the anthropomorphic motion capability of the prosthetic(More)
How to design a robotic hand reflecting human hand motion information as much as possible is a constantly exploring problem. In this paper, we propose an approach to mechanical design of compliant underactuated finger for prosthetic hand based on the decomposition of human hand movements. Hand movements are decomposed into primary and secondary motion in(More)
There are few mathematical indices to quantize the adaptability, although it is mentioned repeatedly as a highlight of underactuated mechanisms in literatures. This paper discusses the grasp adaptability of underactuated mechanisms. Different from compliance, namely the reciprocal of stiffness, the adaptability is presented as the ability of adaptive(More)
From a social ecological perspective, this study examined the effects of stigma (societal level), trusting relationships with current caregivers (familial level), and self-esteem (individual level) on future orientation of children affected by HIV infection and AIDS. Comparing self-report data from 1221 children affected by parental HIV infection and AIDS(More)
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