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We use a front tracking algorithm to explicitly construct entropy solutions for the Lighthill-Whitham-Richards traffic flow model with a flow-density relationship that is piecewise quadratic, continuous, non-smooth, and non-concave. The solution is exact if the initial condition is piecewise linear and the boundary conditions are piecewise constant. The(More)
Recently, smart polymer vesicles have attracted increasing interest due to their endless potential applications such as tunable delivery vehicles for the treatment of degenerative diseases. However, the evolution of stimuli-responsive vesicles from bench to bedside still seems far away for the limitations of current stimuli forms such as temperature, light,(More)
Subjective listening tests of the spatial cues interaural time difference (ITD), interaural level difference (ILD), and interaural coherence (IC) from 20 Hz to 15500 Hz are presented. To obtain the just noticeable difference (JND) of the cues, which is an indication of spatial hearing significance, we expand raw test data by the bootstrap method. The tests(More)
his paper examines where rural America stands in the landscape of entrepreneurial activity. The available data is not perfect, nor is it so up-to-date that we can claim to understand fully how rural entrepreneurship differs from urban entrepreneurship. Indeed, finding new firms is difficult, and alternative data sources provide widely varying results(More)
— With the improvement of complex and uncertain finance environment, the difficulty of portfolio problem is increasing. Whether or not the projects is successfully selected, directly affects the development of the investment companies. This paper firstly talks about the finance conditions in single term investment and then extends the investment from one(More)
This paper proposes a multi-project and multi-term portfolio model through considering the remaining funds in investment. The model is based on a new kind of Mean-Semi-covariance theory, which describes the uncertainty of return and risk in investment. Portfolio investment is a multi-objective optimization problem with constraints. Multi-objective(More)
Multi-object multimedia multicast services consist of users that subscribe to different secure levels or different sets of data streams. These services need a security mechanism to ensure hierarchical access control. Existing methods based on traditional schemes are not efficient for multi-object multicasts. In this paper, we present a multi-dimensional(More)
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