Wenqiang Sun

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In the current study, we examined a moderated mediation model using the risk and resilience framework. Specifically, the impact of family material hardship on adolescent problem behaviors was examined in a Chinese sample; we used the family stress model framework to investigate parental depression and negative parenting as potential mediators of the(More)
Although steam is widely used in industrial production, there is often an imbalance between steam supply and demand, which ultimately results in steam waste. To solve this problem, steam accumulators (SAs) can be used as thermal energy storage and buffer units. However, it is difficult to promote the application of SAs due to high investment costs, which(More)
Various energy sources can be used for room heating, among which waste heat utilization has significantly improved in recent years. However, the majority of applicable waste heat resources are high-grade or stable thermal energy, while the low-grade or unstable waste heat resources, especially low-temperature industrial residual water (IRW), are(More)
There is substantial literature documenting the negative association between secure parental attachment and lower adolescent delinquency, but little is known about the mediating mechanisms (i.e., how does parental attachment relate to delinquency?) underlying this relation. The present study examined whether secure parental attachment would be indirectly(More)
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