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Plants produce a variety of metabolites that have a critical role in growth and development. Here we present a comprehensive study of maize metabolism, combining genetic, metabolite and expression profiling methodologies to dissect the genetic basis of metabolic diversity in maize kernels. We quantify 983 metabolite features in 702 maize genotypes planted(More)
Unified Memory is an emerging technology which is supported by CUDA 6.X. Before CUDA 6.X, the existing CUDA programming model relies on programmers to explicitly manage data between CPU and GPU and hence increases programming complexity. CUDA 6.X provides a new technology which is called as Unified Memory to provide a new programming model that defines CPU(More)
MODEM is a comprehensive database of maize multidimensional omics data, including genomic, transcriptomic, metabolic and phenotypic information from the cellular to individual plant level. This initial release contains approximately 1.06 M high quality SNPs for 508 diverse inbred lines obtained by combining variations from RNA sequencing on whole kernels(More)
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