Wenqiang Fan

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Starting from the perspective of Webometrics, this paper explores the improvement effect of institutional repositories (IRs) on their home institutions with respect to web presence and visibility. Taking 19 IRs from institutions affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as study samples, we calculate the contribution of IRs to the webometric(More)
Stabilized microtubules are required for neuronal morphogenesis and migration. However, the underlying mechanism is not fully understood. In this study, we demonstrate that myosin X (Myo10), which is composed of full-length myosin X (fMyo10) and headless myosin X (hMyo10), is important for axon development. fMyo10 is involved in axon elongation, whereas(More)
The different actions of abscisic acid (ABA) in the aboveground and belowground parts of plants suggest the existence of a distinct perception mechanism between these organs. Although characterization of the soluble ABA receptors PYR1/PYL/RCAR as well as core signaling components has greatly advanced our understanding of ABA perception, signal transduction,(More)
Universities and the members of their faculties, by means of open access, open education, and social media engagement, contribute to many publicly accessible resources of academic values, i.e., open scholarship. To encourage universities to contribute even more to open scholarship, in a more focused and sustainable way, the methodology of Open Scholarship(More)
Proper brain function depends on correct neuronal migration during development, which is known to be regulated by cytoskeletal dynamics and cell-cell adhesion. Myosin X (Myo10), an uncharacteristic member of the myosin family, is an important regulator of cytoskeleton that modulates cell motilities in many different cellular contexts. We previously reported(More)
This paper addresses the problem of the optimal fusion rule adopted in cooperative spectrum sensing over different channels. Evidence from the previous literatures suggests that OR rule is a good choice for cooperative spectrum sensing. After deeply research, we find the fact is not such. Extensive analysis and numerical simulations confirm that OR rule is(More)
The basic principle of automated instructional design (AID) is to generate instruction plans based on given teaching conditions and objectives. It is of importance to design AID systems with guidance of specific principles of teaching and learning for specific courses. This paper proposes one conceptual model of AID for ICT courses, with a “Teaching(More)
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