Wenqiang Dong

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This paper examines the relationship between self-regulation and performance in the computer-aided network context. In a computer-aided network context, the strategic management raises a number of interesting issues. The empirical evidence, largely from traditional economies, has been inconclusive. Moreover, little effort has been made to empirically test(More)
A comprehensive analytical model is proposed to provide a relationship between the macroscopic roughness and contact angle, which is used to develop macroscopic rough surface and to create biomimetic superhydrophobic surfaces. Using chemical surface modification of steel wires, an artificial hydrophobic surface was prepared. A steel mesh mimicking the(More)
As an economically important bivalve, the Mytilus coruscus is cultured widely in the eastern coast of China. In recent years, this bivalve has been seriously affected by the pathogenic infections. To elucidate the host defense mechanisms of M. coruscus against pathogenic challenge, the hemocyte transcriptomes of M. coruscus before and after Vibrio(More)
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