Wenqian Nan

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With the surge of varied crowd sensing systems, active user participation becomes a crucial factor that determines whether a crowd sensing system can provide good service quality. To encourage user participation in mobile crowd sensing, we propose a novel incentive mechanism called CSII -- a Cross-Space, multi-Interaction-based Incentive mechanism. CSII can(More)
Incentive is crucial to the success of mobile crowd sensing (MCS) systems. Over the different manners of incentives, providing monetary rewards has been proved quite useful. However, existing monetary-based incentive studies (e.g., the reverse auction based methods) mainly encourage user participation, whereas sensing quality is often neglected. First, the(More)
Taking pictures is a commonly-seen participatory sensing manner, and has been explored in many application areas. However, in a participatory image collection system, people are sensitive to the cost of network transmission and power, which may impact their willingness to participate. Moreover, in crowd image sensing, redundant data with varied quality may(More)
Incentive is crucial to the success of mobile crowd sensing (MCS) applications. Offering monetary rewards is promising, and many incentive schemes are studied based on reverse auction. However, they all assume a static budget for a task, the dynamics of tasks in terms of sensing contexts as well as user knowledge to the target area is not considered. This(More)
Bulletin boards serve an important function for public information sharing. In this video we present Flier Meet, a system that enables cross-space reposting, intelligent tagging, and pervasive sharing of distributed fliers in urban surfaces. We use a story to present the usage and implementation of Flier Meet and illustrate how it facilitates information(More)
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