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High-quality content-based music similarity retrieval methods are non-vectorial and use non-metric divergence measures, which prevents the expansion of music recommendation systems. We presents a GPU-based method to speed up content-based music similarity search in large-scale collections, in order to improve the response speed without reducing retrieval(More)
The dynamic time warping (DTW) algorithm has O(n2) time complexity, which indicates that it is hard to process large-scale time series within an acceptable time. Recently, many researchers have used graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate the algorithm. Owing to the data dependence of DTW, however, most of existing GPU-based DTW algorithms exploits(More)
With the increasing scale of the melody database, the query-by-humming system faces the trade-offs between response speed and retrieval accuracy. Melody accurate matching is the key factor to restrict the response speed. In this paper, we present a GPU acceleration method for melody accurate matching, in order to improve the response speed without reducing(More)
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