Wenqi Tan

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As an important component of urban vegetation, street trees play an important role in maintenance of environmental quality, aesthetic beauty of urban landscape, and social service for inhabitants. Acquiring accurate and up-to-date inventory information for street trees is required for urban horticultural planning, and municipal urban forest management. This(More)
We hypothesized that deterministic tractography is practical and sensitive to changes in the complex nigrostriatal and nigropallidal pathway (NSP) in Parkinson's disease (PD). Using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) tractography, we investigated the NSP to evaluate differences between PD patients and controls, and examined their clinico-radiologic correlation.(More)
Scale holds the key to understand pattern-process interactions, and indeed, becomes one of the corner-stone concepts in landscape ecology. Geographic Information System and remote sensing techniques provide an effective tool to characterize the spatial pattern and spatial heterogeneity at different scales. As an example, these techniques are applied to(More)
The transformation of natural landscapes into highly human-dominated environments is placing increased pressure on local and global ecosystems. One direct result of this transformation, so called " Urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon " , is regarded as one of the most pervasive environmental problems nowadays. There is increasing evidence that the existence(More)
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