Wenping Zhang

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The long-term evolution of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) involves the birth-and-death process and independent divergence of loci during episodes punctuated by natural selection. Here, we investigated the molecular signatures of natural selection at exon-2 of MHC class II DRB gene which includes a part of the peptide-binding region (PBR) in seven of(More)
With wide-spread application of power electronic converters in high power systems, there has been a growing interest in system reliability analysis and fault-tolerant capabilities. This paper presents a comprehensive review of conventional fault-tolerant techniques regarding power electronic converters in case of power semiconductor device failures. These(More)
An inexpensive, time-saving and reliable method, polymerase chain reaction with confronting two-pair primers (PCR-CTPP), was developed for sex identification in tiger (Panthera tigris) based on zinc finger alleles (ZFX/ZFY). A site of “C/G” transversion representing fixed differences that discriminated between ZFX and ZFY exons among felids was identified(More)
Genetic variations in the giant panda populations in Wanglang and Baoxing Nature Reserves were evaluated in this study. Panda feces were collected from these two reserves and DNA samples extracted from the feces were genotyped at 13 microsatellite loci. A total of 130 alleles were identified from the 13 microsatellite loci in 63 giant pandas, including 35(More)
UNLABELLED The giant panda evolved from omnivorous bears. It lives on a bamboo-dominated diet at present, but it still retains a typical carnivorous digestive system and is genetically deficient in cellulose-digesting enzymes. To find out whether this endangered mammalian species, like other herbivores, has successfully developed a gut microbiota adapted to(More)
The Tibetan grey wolf (Canis lupus chanco) occupies habitats on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, a high altitude (>3000 m) environment where low oxygen tension exerts unique selection pressure on individuals to adapt to hypoxic conditions. To identify genes involved in hypoxia adaptation, we generated complete genome sequences of nine Chinese wolves from high and(More)
Understanding present patterns of genetic diversity is critical in order to design effective conservation and management strategies for endangered species. Tangjiahe Nature Reserve (NR) is one of the most important national reserves for giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) in China. Previous studies have shown that giant pandas in Tangjiahe NR may be(More)
In order to increase the power density of the power factor correction converter, a novel integrated structure for both the electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter and the boost inductor is proposed with the flexible multilayer foil integration technique, which can reduce the volume of these passive components. Also, the performance of the proposed(More)
LLC resonant converter is an excellent candidate for medium power DC/DC converter. However, it is usually used in constant voltage output application. As for the DC/DC stage in high efficiency LED driver, the output voltage may vary widely while output current remains constant. This paper proposes a new design method which is suitable for wide output range(More)
Fuel cell (FC) power system is considered as an alternative energy power generation system in the future. This paper studies the bidirectional DC/DC converter for a 30kW three-phase fuel cell power system. The FC power system is sensitive to load characteristics in stand-alone mode, because rapid change or unbalance of the three-phase load will endanger the(More)