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Chongming, the world's largest alluvial island, is located within the municipality of Shanghai, China. Recent projects have now linked peri-urban Chongming to Shanghai's urban core and as a result will soon undergo substantial changes from urbanization. We quantitatively analyzed the structure and composition of woody vegetation across subtropical,(More)
Smart luminescent materials that are responsive to external stimuli have received considerable interest. Here we report ionic iridium (III) complexes simultaneously exhibiting mechanochromic, vapochromic and electrochromic phosphorescence. These complexes share the same phosphorescent iridium (III) cation with a N-H moiety in the N^N ligand and contain(More)
Due to rapid urbanization, industrialization and population growth, wetland area in China has shrunk rapidly and many wetland ecosystems have been reported to degrade during recent decades. Wetland health assessment could raise the public awareness of the wetland condition and guide policy makers to make reasonable and sustainable policies or strategies to(More)
The applications of conjugated polyelectrolytes in biosensing and bioimaging have attracted more and more research interests due to their excellent photophysical properties. In this work, a new series of conjugated polyelectrolytes containing long-lived phosphorescent Ir(III) complexes is designed and synthesized, which can be used for ratiometric and(More)
The dynamic inspection on plant invasion is a basis for the study of the influence of plant invasion on the carbon cycle of the ecosystem in the invaded area. This paper, with Chongming Dongtan Birds Nature Reserve as the research place, Spartina alterniflora as the invasive plant and Landsat TM and SPOT as the major data source, conducted quantitative(More)