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Terra/MODIS has spectral and spatial resolution advantage over NOAA/AVHRR. To probe into using MODIS near-infrared spectrum further, winter wheat yield estimation was taken as example in Hebei Province, China. Firstly, according to winter wheat biological characteristic, three MODIS near-infrared spectrum data were retrieved in heading stage, which central(More)
Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) is the optical sensor of the Landsat-7 satellite. ENVISAT satellite with Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar sensors (ASAR) is one of the earth observation satellites series of European Space Agency. Nowadays radar remote sensing is being widely used in various detection research programs for its capacity of all-weather,(More)
The dynamic inspection on plant invasion is a basis for the study of the influence of plant invasion on the carbon cycle of the ecosystem in the invaded area. This paper, with Chongming Dongtan Birds Nature Reserve as the research place, Spartina alterniflora as the invasive plant and Landsat TM and SPOT as the major data source, conducted quantitative(More)
Chongming Dongtan national nature reserve is an internationally important wetland. Accurate survey of invasive alien vegetation and indigenous vegetation is the foundation of the study on the ecological impact of invasive vegetation, wetland protection and management. The high spatial resolution images have more spatial details and texture characteristics,(More)