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Jasmonic acid and its methyl ester, methyl jasmonate (MeJA), are plant signaling molecules that affect plant growth and gene expression. Primary root growth of wild-type Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings was inhibited 50% when seedlings were grown on agar medium containing 0.1 M MeJA. An ethyl methanesulfonate mutant (jar1) with decreased sensitivity to MeJA(More)
Cereal grains accumulate carbohydrates, storage proteins and fatty acids via different pathways during their development. Many genes that participate in nutrient partitioning during grain filling and that affect starch quality have been identified. To understand how the expression of these genes is coordinated during grain development, a genomic approach to(More)
Arabidopsis mutants resistant to cytokinin (benzyladenine [BA]) have been isolated with the intent to find plants defective in cytokinin perception or response. At low concentrations, BA produces a "cytokinin root syndrome" in which primary root elongation is inhibited, but root hair elongation is stimulated. Five independent mutants that did not express(More)
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