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Advances in heat pump systems: A review
Heat pump systems offer economical alternatives of recovering heat from different sources for use in various industrial, commercial and residential applications. As the cost of energy continues toExpand
Combustion and emissions characteristics of diesel engine fueled by biodiesel at partial load conditions
Abstract This paper investigated the performance, combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine fueled by biodiesel at partial load conditions. Experiments were conducted on a common-railExpand
Achieving better energy-efficient air conditioning - A review of technologies and strategies
Air conditioning is essential for maintaining thermal comfort in indoor environments, particularly for hot and humid climates. Today, air conditioning, comprising cooling and dehumidification, hasExpand
A numerical study on premixed micro-combustion of CH4–air mixture: Effects of combustor size, geometry and boundary conditions on flame temperature
Abstract A numerical study on CH 4 –air premixed combustion in micro-combustors was undertaken by solving the 2D governing equations. The effects of combustor size and geometry, inlet velocityExpand
Impact of emulsion fuel with nano-organic additives on the performance of diesel engine
A novel emulsion fuel with 82.4% diesel, 5% water and 12.6% nano-organic additives by volume is introduced in this work. Unlike other emulsion fuels (milky in color) developed around the world, it isExpand
Development of micro power generators – A review
The demand for energy sources that are compact, lightweight and powerful has significantly increased in recent years. Traditional chemical batteries which are highly developed are unable to meet theExpand
Experimental and numerical study of the wall temperature of cylindrical micro combustors
The micro combustor is a key component of the micro thermophotovoltaic (TPV) system. Premixed combustion of a hydrogen–air mixture in micro combustors with an inner diameter of 2 mm is studiedExpand
Performance, combustion and emission characteristics of biodiesel derived from waste cooking oils
An experimental study was conducted on a Euro IV diesel engine to evaluate the performance, combustion and emission characteristics of pure biodiesel and its blend fuels. For each tested fuel, theExpand
Effect of current-collector structure on performance of passive micro direct methanol fuel cell
The effect of current-collector structure on the performance of a passive micro direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) is reported. The system consists mainly of a membrane electrode assembly, twoExpand
Fuel injection strategies for performance improvement and emissions reduction in compression ignition engines—A review
The call for reduction in pollution has been mandated by government′s policies worldwide. This challenges the engine manufacturer to strike an optimum between engine performance and emissions.Expand