Wenming Sun

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The adsorptions of a glycine molecule as well as dehydrogenated radicals on the side walls of both intrinsic and boron-doped (B-doped) single-walled (8,0) carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) were investigated by a density functional theory. A glycine molecule tends to physically adsorb on intrinsic SWCNTs yet chemically adsorb on B-doped SWCNTs as a result of a(More)
To discuss the protection mechanism of DNA from radiation as well as assess the performance of PM6-DH2 on noncovalent interactions, the interaction of four nucleic acid bases (NABs) such as adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T), with Li@C(60) was extensively investigated with the-state-of-art theoretical methods describing noncovalent(More)
Internucleotide (2h)J(NN) spin-spin couplings and chemical shifts (δ((1)H) and Δδ((15)N)) of N-H···N H-bond units in the natural and radiation-damaged G-C base pairs were predicted using the appropriate density functional theory calculations with a large basis set. Four possible series of the damaged G-C pairs (viz., dehydrogenated and deprotonated G-C(More)
Adapter-ligation-mediated allele-specific amplification (ALM-ASA) is a potential method for multiplex SNPs typing at an ultra low cost. Here, we describe a kind of software, which designs allele-specific primers for ALM-ASA assay on multiplex SNPs. DNA sequences containing SNPs of interest are submitted into the software which contains various endonucleases(More)
The major objective of this paper is to address a controversial binding sequence between nucleic acid bases (NABs) and C(60) by investigating adsorptions of NABs and their cations on C(60) fullerene with a variety of density functional theories including two novel hybrid meta-GGA functionals, M05-2x and M06-2x, as well as a dispersion-corrected density(More)
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