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The adsorptions of a glycine molecule as well as dehydrogenated radicals on the side walls of both intrinsic and boron-doped (B-doped) single-walled (8,0) carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) were investigated by a density functional theory. A glycine molecule tends to physically adsorb on intrinsic SWCNTs yet chemically adsorb on B-doped SWCNTs as a result of a(More)
In this paper, data mining technology is applied to fraud detection, established the fraud detection model, described the process of creating the fraud detection model, then established data model with ID3 decision tree, and established example of fraud detection model by using this model. At last, pointed out the application fields of fraud detection model.
The major objective of this paper is to address a controversial binding sequence between nucleic acid bases (NABs) and C(60) by investigating adsorptions of NABs and their cations on C(60) fullerene with a variety of density functional theories including two novel hybrid meta-GGA functionals, M05-2x and M06-2x, as well as a dispersion-corrected density(More)
Adapter-ligation-mediated allele-specific amplification (ALM-ASA) is a potential method for multiplex SNPs typing at an ultra low cost. Here, we describe a kind of software, which designs allele-specific primers for ALM-ASA assay on multiplex SNPs. DNA sequences containing SNPs of interest are submitted into the software which contains various endonucleases(More)
Internucleotide (2h)J(NN) spin-spin couplings and chemical shifts (δ((1)H) and Δδ((15)N)) of N-H···N H-bond units in the natural and radiation-damaged G-C base pairs were predicted using the appropriate density functional theory calculations with a large basis set. Four possible series of the damaged G-C pairs (viz., dehydrogenated and deprotonated G-C(More)
To discuss the protection mechanism of DNA from radiation as well as assess the performance of PM6-DH2 on noncovalent interactions, the interaction of four nucleic acid bases (NABs) such as adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T), with Li@C(60) was extensively investigated with the-state-of-art theoretical methods describing noncovalent(More)
Tuning the selectivity of metal catalysts is of paramount importance, yet a great challenge. Here, a new strategy to effectively control the selectivity of metal catalysts, by tuning the lattice strain, is reported. In this approach, we introduce a certain amount of Co atoms into Ru catalysts to compress the Ru lattice, as confirmed by aberration corrected(More)
G-quadruplex is a quadruple helical form of nucleic acids that can appear in guanine-rich parts of the genome. The basic unit is the G-tetrad, a planar assembly of four guanines connected by eight hydrogen bonds. Its rich topology and its possible relevance as a drug target for a number of diseases have stimulated several structural studies. The superior(More)
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