Wenming Ru

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The Loess Plateau is one of the most environmentally sensitive regions in China. This study addresses the relationships between vegetation and climate of this area quantitatively at a large-scale, in order to determine the factors that control vegetation distribution. The Loess Plateau, located at 101°01′–155°10′ E and 34°02′–40°40′ N, covers an area of 52(More)
The conservation of the endemic, endangered, and first-class protected tree species, Taxus chinensis var. mairei (Lem. & H. Lev.) W. C. Cheng & L. K. Fu, is urgent in China. To assist the protection of this important medicinal plant species, the biological and ecological characteristics of its populations were investigated and analyzed in Shanxi. The study(More)
Lishan Mountain is belonged to the Zhongtiao Ranges in Southeast Shanxi, and situated between 35 degrees 16'30" - 35 degrees 27'20" N and 111 degrees 51'-- 112 degrees 5'35" E. The climate is cool and arid in winter, but warm and rainy in summer. This paper studied the species diversity and community structure of forest communities there, based on field(More)
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