Wenmao Liu

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Mobile social networks (MSNs) are a kind of delay tolerant network that consists of lots of mobile nodes with social characteristics. Recently, many social-aware algorithms have been proposed to address routing problems in MSNs. However, it also brings more security and privacy concerns. In this paper, we discuss a specific type of Sybil attack in MSNs,(More)
Road side infrastructures with certification and service aid are important in secure vehicular communication. Few road side infrastructure issues have been addressed in former studies. Lacking trusted certification, scalability, efficiency and intrusion detection in vehicle-only network causes various attacks. In this paper we propose an autonomous road(More)
This paper proposes a novel platform for object locating application in the Internet of Things environment. In this platform, objects and inquirers access and query locations using uniform service entry interfaces in heterogeneous services. To build a virtual storage system, services entries integrate enterprise database clusters and a DHT peer-to-peer(More)
RFID readers of various organizations deployed in the Internet of Things environment are interconnected for service data relay, however heterogeneous readers' forward strategies increases routing failure and routing overhead. Our main contribution is to propose a novel small world based routing protocol. Distributed hubs are generated by shared peer(More)
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