Wenlong Zhu

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An intelligent battery equalization scheme using multiple winding transformer for series connected lithium-ion batteries string is presented. The proposed scheme maintains each battery modules at the same charge level by shunting energy from one or more strong cell to one or more weak one in a nondissipative manner. Experiment result shows that the proposed(More)
A dynamic charge equalization scheme of series battery packs using multiple-winding transformer is presented in this paper. The proposed cell to cell type balancing control scheme is designed to be many bidirectional forward converter operated at discontinuous inductor current model for reducing the switching loss. Simulation and experimental results show(More)
Ground bounce noise (GBN) is becoming one of the major challenges for designing high speed system and packages. It causes serious signal integrity (SI) problems in the high speed system. Traditional techniques center on adding more decoupling capacitors to create a low impedance path. Electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structure is used to suppress GBN combined(More)
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