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Contaminated vaccine is one unexpected and potential origin of virus infection. In order to investigate the most likely cause of disease in a broiler breeder company of Shandong Province, all 17 batches of live-virus vaccines used in the affected flocks and 478 tissue samples were tested by dot-blot hybridization, nested PCR, and IFA. The results suggested(More)
State parameter estimation method can solve vehicle operation parameters measurement effectively. According to commonly used state parameter estimation method, direct integration method, Kalman filter estimation, extended Kalman filter estimation and fuzzy logic estimation methods are described in details. The advantages and disadvantages and application of(More)
In this letter, an ultra-thin anisotropic metasurface cell with independent control of different polarized waves is introduced firstly. Then different sizes of cells are taken to constituted an anisotropic planar focusing metasurface(PFM) lens with size of 102 &#x00D7; 102mm<sup>2</sup>. Experimental results are in excellent agreement with the simulated(More)
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