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Contaminated vaccine is one unexpected and potential origin of virus infection. In order to investigate the most likely cause of disease in a broiler breeder company of Shandong Province, all 17 batches of live-virus vaccines used in the affected flocks and 478 tissue samples were tested by dot-blot hybridization, nested PCR, and IFA. The results suggested(More)
Ni-based bimetallic alloys have superior physiochemical characteristics compared to monometallic Ni. In this study, a new type of low cost bimetallic NimCon (n + m = 4) electrocatalysts with high active surface were synthesized on Ti substrate through a hydrogen evolution assisted electrodeposition method. The as-prepared NimCon were characterized by XRD,(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) interconnected metal alloy nanostructures possess superior catalytic performance owing to their advantageous characteristics, including improved catalytic activity, corrosion resistance, and stability. Hierarchically structured Ni-Cu alloys composed of 3D network-like microscopic branches with nanoscopic dendritic feelers on each(More)
In this letter, an ultra-thin anisotropic metasurface cell with independent control of different polarized waves is introduced firstly. Then different sizes of cells are taken to constituted an anisotropic planar focusing metasurface(PFM) lens with size of 102 &#x00D7; 102mm<sup>2</sup>. Experimental results are in excellent agreement with the simulated(More)
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