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Cascading of semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) based switching nodes has been studied experimentally in a re-circulating loop test-bed of the data vortex packet interconnection network. The experimental results show that the signal bit-error-rates can still exceed 10 À9 after 72 node hops, demonstrating the physical layer scalability of the data vortex(More)
—We demonstrate the routing of optical packets containing an eight-wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) channel 10-Gb/s payload through an eight-node subnetwork of the data vortex packet switching fabric. The single-pulse WDM encoding employed for the header and frame bits greatly simplifies the routing control functions and reduces the switching latency.(More)
We demonstrate routing of 8-WDM-channel 10Gb/s optical packets through an 8-node sub-network of the Data Vortex, realizing virtual buffering within the switching fabric. Single pulse WDM encoding for the header simplifies packet control and reduces latency. Introduction Optical packet switching fabrics are emerging as critical technologies in network(More)
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Radio Frequency Identification is a newly arisen technology in the research direction of automatic recognition. RFID will take the place of bar-code due to its superior capability, and it will play the important role in warehouse logistics in the future. It's a valuable attempt to design a new type warehouse system by applying the RFID, embedded developing(More)
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