Wenlin Liao

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Impairments in cortical sensory processing have been demonstrated in Rett syndrome (RTT) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and are thought to contribute to high-order phenotypic deficits. However, underlying pathophysiological mechanisms for these abnormalities are unknown. This study investigated auditory sensory processing in a mouse model of RTT with a(More)
Ultraprecise and ultrasmooth surfaces become critical requirements for some high-performance optical systems. Ion-beam figuring (IBF) is a good and highly deterministic method for the final precision optical figuring. However, the uniform convergences of all spatial frequency surface errors are strongly dependent on the dynamic performance and ion-beam(More)
A translation-reduced ion beam figuring (TRIBF) technique for five-axis ion beam figuring (IBF) plants is proposed to process large size components which cannot be processed in the traditional way. This novel technique enhances the capability of five-axis IBF plants by taking advantage of their rotation axes. The IBF kinematic model is described and the(More)
Ultra-precision and ultra-smooth surfaces are vitally important for some high performance optical systems. Ion beam figuring (IBF) is a well-established, highly deterministic method for the final precision figuring of extremely high quality optical surfaces, whereas ion sputtering induced smoothing, or roughening for nanoscale surface morphology, strongly(More)
Ion beam figuring (IBF) is established for the final precision figuring of optical components. In this deterministic method, the figuring process is represented by a two-dimensional (2D) convolution operation of a constant removal function and the dwell time, where the figuring precision is guaranteed by the stability of the removal function as well as the(More)
In a deterministic figuring process, it is critical to guarantee high stability of the removal function as well as the accuracy of the dwell time solution, which directly influence the convergence of the figuring process. Hence, when figuring steep optics, the ion beam is required to keep a perpendicular incidence, and a five-axis figuring machine is(More)
Limited by the f-number of the transmission sphere, it is impossible to test the whole surface of a hyper-hemisphere using a standard interferometer directly. This paper presents an extension of the subaperture stitching test method to hyper hemispheres. The stitching algorithm is based on the coordinate mapping from local measurement frame to a global(More)
Although ion beam figuring (IBF) provides a highly deterministic method for the precision figuring of optical components, several problems still need to be addressed, such as the limited correcting capability for mid-to-high spatial frequency surface errors and low machining efficiency for pit defects on surfaces. We propose a figuring method named(More)
Morphology evolution at microscopic scales has an inseparable relationship with surface material behaviors, especially during ultrasmooth surface fabrication. In this work, the influence of initially existing local densification on ion nanopatterning of a fused-silica surface is investigated. Our research results indicate that fused-silica surfaces will(More)
Formation of subsurface damage has an inseparable relationship with microscopic material behaviors. In this work, our research results indicate that the formation process of subsurface damage often accompanies with the local densification effect of fused silica material, which seriously influences microscopic material properties. Interestingly, we find ion(More)