Wenliang Zhou

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—With the constant changes of the market demand trends and modern information technology which greatly influence supply chain operation and management, postponement has been developed to be an important strategy in some of the supply chain processes. This paper studies the multi-period and multi-commodity flow supply chain network equilibrium problem with(More)
This study was undertaken to have a better understanding for the process and the underlying mechanisms to limit macrophage activation and population of activated macrophages. A comprehensive kinetics of cytokine production was performed in murine peritoneal macrophages recovered from Balb/c mice at various time during the course of an intraperitoneal(More)
BACKGROUND Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is an X-linked recessive disease caused by mutations of dystrophin gene, there is no effective treatment for this disorder at present. Plasmid-mediated gene therapy is a promising therapeutical approach for the treatment of DMD. One of the major issues with plasmid-mediated gene therapy for DMD is poor(More)
Not only is the operating plan the basis of organizing marshalling station's operation, but it is also used to analyze in detail the capacity utilization of each facility in marshalling station. In this paper, a long-term operating plan is optimized mainly for capacity utilization analysis. Firstly, a model is developed to minimize railcars' average staying(More)
Twelve highly polymorphic microsatellite markers were isolated and characterized for the frog Yerana yei. Loci were isolated from a genomic library from Y. yei enriched for (ATAG)n repetitive elements. We designed primers that reliably amplified twelve polymorphic loci and tested them on 32 individuals from two populations. The number of alleles per locus(More)
TMT (trimethyltin chloride), an organotin, is ubiquitous in the environment. The consumption of contaminated food may cause exposure of the human diet to this toxic compound. The present study was to investigate the effects of TMT on the regulation of ion transport across the rat distal colon. The rat colonic mucosa was mounted in Ussing chambers. The(More)
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