Wenliang Huang

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Virtual screening is becoming a ground-breaking tool for molecular discovery due to the exponential growth of available computer time and constant improvement of simulation and machine learning techniques. We report an integrated organic functional material design process that incorporates theoretical insight, quantum chemistry, cheminformatics, machine(More)
Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) were seeded in a three-dimensional scaffold of silk fibroin (SF) and chitosan (CS) to repair cartilage defects in the rabbit knee. Totally 54 rabbits were randomly assigned to BMSCs + SF/CS scaffold, SF/CS scaffold and control groups. A cylindrical defect was created at the patellofemoral facet of the right(More)
China Unicom, the largest WCDMA 3G operator in China, meets the requirements of the historical Mobile Internet Explosion, or the surging of Mobile Internet Traffic from mobile terminals. According to the internal statistics of China Unicom, mobile user traffic has increased rapidly with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 135%. Currently China Unicom(More)
Inverse sandwich biphenyl complexes [(NN(TBS))Ln]2(μ-biphenyl)[K(solvent)]2 [NN(TBS) = 1,1'-fc(NSi(t)BuMe2)2; Ln = Gd, Dy, Er; solvent = Et2O, toluene; 18-crown-6], containing a quadruply reduced biphenyl ligand, were synthesized and their magnetic properties measured. One of the dysprosium biphenyl complexes was found to exhibit antiferromagnetic coupling(More)
The synthesis and characterization of the first scandium arene inverted-sandwich complexes supported by a ferrocene diamide ligand (NN(fc)) are reported. Through the use of (NN(fc))ScI(THF)(2) as a precursor and potassium graphite (KC(8)) as a reducing agent, the naphthalene and anthracene complexes [(NN(fc))Sc](2)(μ-C(10)H(8)) and(More)
This paper presents an improved C-means clustering algorithm based on ACO. The proposed method use pheromone to evaluate individual colony's iterative result. In contrast with the existing C-means clustering algorithm, method in the paper need not appoint the number and pre-centers of clusters beforehand and it updates pheromone according to the transfer(More)
Efforts to transfer to aluminum the heterocyclic ligand of a ring-opened imidazole scandium complex, which was previously reported, are presented. A ring-opened imidazole aluminum compound was formed at 50 °C and characterized as a trialuminum complex. At high temperature (85 °C), the formation of an unusual scandium/aluminum methylidene was observed. The(More)
A new method for generating group 3 metal complexes containing radical-anionic 2,2'-bipyridyl (bipy) ligands is described that relies on hydrogen-atom abstraction from dearomatized biheterocyclic complexes. This method does not involve electron transfer to neutral 2,2'-bipyridyl or salt metathesis between the lithium salt of the 2,2'-bipyridyl radical anion(More)