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A new acidophilic xylanase (XYN11A) from Penicillium oxalicum GZ-2 has been purified, identified and characterized. Synchronized fluorescence spectroscopy was used for the first time to evaluate the influence of metal ions on xylanase activity. The purified enzyme was identified by MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometry, and its gene (xyn11A) was identified as an(More)
The +0.1‰ elevated 56Fe/54Fe ratio of terrestrial basalts relative to chondrites was proposed to be a fingerprint of core-mantle segregation. However, the extent of iron isotopic fractionation between molten metal and silicate under high pressure-temperature conditions is poorly known. Here we show that iron forms chemical bonds of similar strengths in(More)
A new synchrotron radiation experimental capability of coupling nuclear resonant inelastic X-ray scattering with the cryogenically cooled high-pressure diamond anvil cell technique is presented. The new technique permits measurements of phonon density of states at low temperature and high pressure simultaneously, and can be applied to studies of phonon(More)
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