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The possible causes of ALS are unknown and multiple biological systems have been implicated. The goal of this study was to use gene expression profiling to evaluate a broad spectrum of systems in ALS. For this study, the medial lip of the human motor cortex and adjacent sensory cortex were collected at autopsy from five ALS patients and three normal(More)
Although permutation testing has been the gold standard for assessing significance levels in studies using multiple markers, it is time-consuming. A Bonferroni correction to the nominal p-value that uses the underlying pair-wise linkage disequilibrium (LD) structure among the markers to determine the number of effectively independent tests has recently been(More)
BACKGROUND SP-A, SP-B, and SP-D are pulmonary surfactant proteins. Several linkage and association studies have been done using these genes as markers to locate pulmonary disease susceptibility genes, but few have studied the markers systematically in different ethnic groups. Here we studied eight markers in SP-A, SP-B, and SP-D genes in seven ethnic groups(More)
BACKGROUND Genetic counseling has been an important tool for evaluating and communicating disease susceptibility for decades, and it has been applied to predict risks for a wide class of hereditary disorders. Most diseases are complex in nature and are affected by multiple genes and environmental conditions; it is highly likely that DNA tests alone do not(More)
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