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In this paper, a novel adaptive robust tracking control scheme for a class of single-degree-of-freedom (1DOF) electrostatic micro-actuator systems with constant parameter uncertainties and external disturbances is addressed. This control method is based on backstepping control technique and Nussbaum gain function. The derived adaptive robust controller(More)
For permanent magnet synchronous motor system with constant parameter uncertainties and external disturbances, a novel adaptive robust backstepping tracking control scheme based on the dynamic surface control method is proposed in this paper. This method combines the robust adaptive backstepping design step with first order low-pass filters, and can be(More)
A nonlinear robust adaptive design scheme is proposed for turbine speed governor system with parametric uncertainties and unknown control gain, as well as unknown bounded exogenous disturbances. By combining the backstepping method with the robust disturbance attenuation technique, a systematic design procedure is developed such that the resulting(More)
This paper presents a design approach to nonlinear adaptive control of turbine speed governor systems with parametric uncertainties and exogenous disturbances. It is shown that the stabilizing control law with desired L<inf>2</inf> gain from the disturbance to regulated output can be designed by the dynamic surface control method in a recursive way without(More)
In a swarm robot system, the complex collective behavior arises out of local interactions among many simple robots and between the robot and environment. The proposed macroscopic state model is used to study the dynamics of swarm robot systems, which is composed of coupled time-delay differential equations describing the macroscopic state transitions of(More)
The tracking control problem of Duffing-Holmes chaotic systems containing unknown parameters is studied. Based on the backstepping design method, special barrier functions are employed in Lyapunov synthesis. The derived adaptive robust controller guarantees the closed-loop system globally uniformly ultimate bound, and the tracking error is convergent to a(More)
After surgery performed under cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), severe lung injury often occurs in infants. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are potentially involved in diverse pathophysiological processes via regulation of gene expression. The objective of this study was to investigate differentially expressed miRNAs and their potential target genes in immature piglet lungs(More)
The tracking control problem of muscular vessel systems with dynamic uncertainties and unknown parameters is studied. The unknown system parameters are adaptively identified, and the exogenous disturbance is attenuated by Nussbaum-type functions based on the backstepping methods. The derived adaptive robust controller guarantees that the closed-loop system(More)
The optimal myocardial protection strategy for newborns/infants undergoing congenital heart surgery remains controversial. The purpose of this study was to compare myocardial protection using histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate (HTK) and cold blood cardioplegia in a neonatal piglet model. Twenty-one piglets were randomized to three groups: the control group(More)