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We test the factors which affect the executive equity-based incentive levels after equity division reform, and get a different conclusion from prevenient domestic research. The equity-based incentive levels are significant negative correlation with equity concentration, the character of controlling shareholder, the proportion of independent directors and(More)
With the development of third-party payment in China, to some extend, it alleviates the problem of e-commerce and helps the development of e-commerce as well. However, it also brings some new issues, especially about government supervision. In this paper, the necessity of government supervisio•• from three aspects is discussed because of the(More)
In recent years, the online third-party payment developed very rapidly in China and its growth rate in the volume of transactions continued to 100%. In this paper, the online third-party payment services are classified as their content and business mode based on the comparison of some major domestic enterprises. Then according to the maturity model theory,(More)
The selection of an appropriate threshold is one of the main concerns about the POT (Peaks Over Threshold ) model, which is widely used in many fields, such as in insurance and environmental analysis. In this article, a new method which is based on the MSE criterion and two-sample K-S tests is proposed to determine the optimal threshold in the GPD model.(More)
In order to studies the effect of performance and corporate governance on CEO compensation, we empirically analyze Chinese listed companies' financial data from 2005 to 2008. Based on the qualitative analysis, we depose the relevant factors and use multiple regression method to find the relationship between CEO compensation and company's performance and(More)
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