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An intercross population study reveals genes associated with body size and plumage color in ducks
Comparative population genomics offers an opportunity to discover the signatures of artificial selection during animal domestication, however, their function cannot be directly revealed. We discoverExpand
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Splenic microRNA Expression Profiles and Integration Analyses Involved in Host Responses to Salmonella enteritidis Infection in Chickens
To understand the role of miRNAs in regulating genes involved in the host response to Salmonella enteritidis (SE) infection, next generation sequencing was applied to explore the altered splenicExpand
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Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Differential Expression of Genes Regulating Hepatic Triglyceride Metabolism in Pekin Ducks During Dietary Threonine Deficiency
Dietary threonine (Thr) deficiency increases hepatic triglyceride accumulation in Pekin ducks, which results in fatty liver disease and impairs hepatic function. However, the underlying molecularExpand
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Messenger RNA Sequencing and Pathway Analysis Provide Novel Insights Into the Susceptibility to Salmonella enteritidis Infection in Chickens
Salmonella enteritidis (SE) is a foodborne pathogen that negatively affects both animal and human health. Controlling poultry SE infection will have great practical significance for human publicExpand
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Author Correction: An intercross population study reveals genes associated with body size and plumage color in ducks
In the original version of this Article, there was an error in the legend for Figure 2, whereby the descriptions of panels a, b and c were presented in a different order to the corresponding figureExpand
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Dynamic accumulation of fatty acids in duck (Anas platyrhynchos) breast muscle and its correlations with gene expression
Background Fatty acid composition contributes greatly to the quality and nutritional value of meat. However, the molecular regulatory mechanisms underlying fatty acid accumulation in poultry have notExpand
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Dynamic Transcriptome Reveals the Mechanism of Liver Injury Caused by DHAV-3 Infection in Pekin Duck
Duck hepatitis A virus 3 (DHAV-3) is a wild endemic virus, which seriously endangers the duck industry in China. The present study aims to elucidate the mechanism of duck resistance to DHAV-3Expand
A SNP variant located in the cis-regulatory region of the ABCG2 gene is associated with mallard egg color.
Avian egg coloration is shaped by natural selection, but its genetic basis remains unclear. Here, we used genome-wide association (GWA) analysis and identity by descent (IBD) to finely map green eggExpand
Characterization of Duck (Anas platyrhynchos) Short Tandem Repeat Variation by Population-Scale Genome Resequencing
Short tandem repeats (STRs) are usually associated with genetic diseases and gene regulatory functions, and are also important genetic markers for analysis of evolutionary, genetic diversity andExpand