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Software reliability models are used for the prediction and estimation of software reliability. Until now, hundreds of software reliability models have been proposed. In order to facilitate model implementation, several software reliability tools have been developed. However, these tools have some disadvantages such as limitation on application range and(More)
The original Apriori algorithm is widely used in the intrusion detection field, but it may consume incredible computing resources in the process of handling network packets. We propose our optimized-Apriori algorithm which can greatly improves the algorithm efficiency by means of reducing the data storage space and the number of frequent item sets. We take(More)
Poor and monotonous work could easily lead to a decrease of arousal level of the monitoring work personnel. In order to improve the performance of monitoring work, low arousal level needs to be recognized and awakened. We proposed a recognition method of low arousal by the electroencephalogram (EEG) as the object of study to recognize the low arousal level(More)
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