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Nowadays, developers can be involved in several software developer communities like StackOverflow and Github. Meanwhile, accounts from different communities are usually less connected. Linking these accounts, which is called identity linkage, is a prerequisite of many interesting studies such as investigating activities of one developer in two or more(More)
Recently, crowdsourcing has been increasingly used in software industry to lower costs and increase innovations, by utilizing experiences, labor, or creativity of developers worldwide. In software crowdsourcing platforms, developers expect to find suitable tasks for their interests and abilities. So it is significant for software crowdsourcing to build a(More)
Quality of software (QoS) is important for users, as it may lead to high cost when a user or a company happens to pick up a software project with low quality. In recent years, many software quality assessment models take user satisfaction as an important metric for measuring software quality. However, user satisfaction on a software project is usually not(More)
Software size estimation is a crucial step in project management. According to the Standish Chaos Report, 65% of software projects are over budget or deadline; therefore, a good size estimation method is very important. However, existing estimation methods are complicated and human-effort consuming. In many industrial projects, project technical leads(More)
Thanks to the strength of crowdsourcing, there is a lot of useful information on StackOverflow, the most popular Question and Answer (Q&A) platform in software engineering area. This information can be treated as numerous URLs (Uniform Resource Locators), which can be categorized into URLs of Q&As and URLs in Q&As. The domain of former ones is(More)
Since developer ability is recognized as a determinant of better software project performance, it is a critical step to model and evaluate the programming ability of developers. However, most existing approaches require manual assessment, like 360 degree performance evaluation. With the emergence of social networking sites such as StackOverflow and Github,(More)
Hosting over 10 million repositories, GitHub becomes the largest open source community in the world. Besides sharing code, Github is also a social network, in which developers can follow others or keep track of their interested projects. Considering the multi-roles of Github, integrating heterogenous data of each developer to identify experts is a(More)
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