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Independent component analysis (ICA) proves to be effective in the removing the ocular artifact from electroencephalogram recordings (EEG). While using ICA in ocular artifact correction, a crucial step is to correctly identify the artifact components among the decomposed independent components. In most previous works, this step of selecting the artifact(More)
The technologies with kilovoltage (kV) and megavoltage (MV) imaging in the treatment room are now available for image-guided radiation therapy to improve patient setup and target localization accuracy. However, development of strategies to efficiently and effectively implement these technologies for patient treatment remains challenging. This study proposed(More)
Nonlinear classification problems are always assumed to be equivalent to a linear classification problem in some higher dimensional feature space. Kernel machines like support vector machines (SVMs) implicitly map the features to higher dimensional feature space by a kernel trick, and use all the mapped features for classification. This paper proposes an(More)
Algebraic reconstruction techniques (ART) are iterative procedures for reconstructing objects from their projections. It is proven that ART can be computationally efficient by carefully arranging the order in which the collected data are accessed during the reconstruction procedure and adaptively adjusting the relaxation parameters. In this paper, an(More)
Product surface inspection plays a significant role in industrial aspects. Large industrial manufacturing requires such inspection procedure of high speed and accuracy at a fairly reasonable cost, which is precisely the demand automatic surface inspection systems are applied to meet. In this paper, we have constructed a vision system prototype employing(More)