Wenkai Lu

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Independent component analysis (ICA) proves to be effective in the removing the ocular artifact from electroencephalogram recordings (EEG). While using ICA in ocular artifact correction, a crucial step is to correctly identify the artifact components among the decomposed independent components. In most previous works, this step of selecting the artifact(More)
When plane-wave destruction (PWD) is implemented by implicit finite differences , the local slope is estimated by an iterative algorithm. We propose an analytical estimator of the local slope that is based on convergence analysis of the iterative algorithm. Using the analytical estimator, we design a noniterative method to estimate slopes by a three-point(More)
Product surface inspection plays a significant role in industrial aspects. Large industrial manufacturing requires such inspection procedure of high speed and accuracy at a fairly reasonable cost, which is precisely the demand automatic surface inspection systems are applied to meet. In this paper, we have constructed a vision system prototype employing(More)