Wenkai Li

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—In remote-sensing classification, there are situations when users are only interested in classifying one specific land-cover type, without considering other classes. These situations are referred to as one-class classification. Traditional supervised learning is inefficient for one-class classification because it requires all classes that occur in the(More)
This paper studies a variant of the three-dimensional bin packing problem (3D-BPP), where the bin height can be adjusted to the cartons it packs. The bins and cartons to be packed are assumed rectangular in shape. The cartons are allowed to be rotated into any one of the six positions that keep the carton edges parallel to the bin edges. This greatly(More)
Background. The circadian clock is involved in drug metabolism, efficacy and toxicity. Drugs could in turn affect the biological clock as a mechanism of their actions. Zuotai is an essential component of many popular Tibetan medicines for sedation, tranquil and "detoxification," and is mainly composed of metacinnabar (β-HgS). The pharmacological and/or(More)
Public health laboratories at all capacity levels are facing challenges in exchanging electronic data among themselves and with their partners. In response to this the Association of Public Health Laboratories working collaboratively with CDC launched an innovative portal development project in January 2006. This portal will enable public health(More)
The Tibetan Plateau (TP), known as the third pole of the Earth, has snow cover with intraseasonal to decadal variability that affects weather and climate both inside and outside the TP. However, the factors that generate the TP snow cover (TPSC) anomalies at the intraseasonal time-scale are unclear. This report reveals the influence of the Madden‒Julian(More)