Wenjun Yan

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Cognitive processes require working memory (WM) that involves a brief period of memory retention known as the delay period. Elevated delay-period activity in the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) has been observed, but its functional role in WM tasks remains unclear. We optogenetically suppressed or enhanced activity of pyramidal neurons in mouse mPFC during(More)
The feature-frequency technique based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is proposed to diagnose the gear faults of wind turbine. Discrete wavelet decomposition to the vibration acceleration signal, combined with the analysis of energy distribution in different frequency band, is applied to determine the characteristic frequency band of the fault, and then(More)
Human guanylate-binding protein 1 (hGBP1) is an interferon-inducible protein involved in the host immune response against viral infection. In response to infection by influenza A virus (IAV), hGBP1 transcript and protein were significantly upregulated. Overexpression of hGBP1 inhibited IAV replication in a dose-dependent manner in vitro. The lysine residue(More)
In recent years, much research effort has been made aiming to alleviate and smooth the power fluctuation induced by the wind farm due to its intermittent nature. The integration of hybrid energy storage system (HESS) including battery energy storage system (BESS) and super-capacitors energy storage system (SCESS) has been considered one of the appropriate(More)
Intelligent warehouse becomes a key component of logistics process automation, which essentially promotes the productivity and cost reduction. This paper presents a novel design solution of an Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) system for intelligent warehouse. An improved version of classical Dijkstra shortest-path algorithm is proposed for efficient global(More)
With regard to the limitations of Maximum Lyapunov exponent prediction methods, the paper experiments with a integrated prediction method based on equal intervals, which helps to materialize the prediction of diesel health status. The subsequent demonstrations proves that such method renders higher precision and accuracy in actual prediction.
The analysis and synthesis of H<sub>infin</sub> control via state feedback with memory for discrete switched systems with time delay subsystems are studied. Based on multiple Lyapunov functions theory, a new sufficient condition in form of LMI is derived from the H<sub>infin</sub> performance analysis under arbitrary switching. Furthermore, a(More)
Combining the advantages of empirical mode decomposition (EMD) and kernel independent component analysis (KICA), an underdetermined blind source separation method of nonlinear mixed wind turbine faults based on EMD-KICA in combination with PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) is proposed. In the proposed method, the nonlinear mixed signals are firstly(More)